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CCI is committed to improving the quality of Child Care in New York City through public policy and community education.  Parents, families and other Child Care advocates can play an important role in helping to shape how policy may effect change in the lives of children for New York.  As parents and Child Care professionals, you can have an impact not only through your daily care for children, but also through Advocacy for children's issues, whether on the local, state, or national level.

  • Advocacy can be as simple as writing a postcard to your legislator or as complex as running a campaign to pass a referendum.
  • Keep current on legislation and budget issues pending in your state.
  • Advocate for passage (or defeat) of any bill which affects children and Child Care.
  • Urge better funding for Child Care and children's services in your state.
  • Suggest new legislation for children and Child Care.
  • Reports to the Community: Through a variety of projects, publications and collaborations we are a reliable source of Child Care data and information on Child Care issues.
  • Information regarding Child Care in the county
  • Public awareness of Child Care issues
  • Advocating for families and children to support expansion of high quality care

Here are some helpful tips:


Winning Beginning NY (WBNY)

Winning Beginning NY is a statewide coalition working to inform policy makers and the public about the many benefits of early care and learning including home visiting, Child Care and Pre-K. The coalition aims to build a broad-based constituency to make investment in quality early care and learning a top public priority in New York State.  CCI is a member of the Winning Beginning NY (WBNY) coalition.